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Don’t be saying “C’est la Cotton-Pickin’ Vie”

Where did my 2016 blog posts go?

I’d hate for you to be sorry you missed out on a year’s worth of GREAT information so I’m encouraging you to subscribe free to my One Stitch Saves Nine  website to get some of these embedded treasures before they disappear!

I tried to recover, restore, and reconstruct my sewing adventures for that year. I tried to remember the hacks for a thriving handmade life that I’d included. Despite those efforts, it seems I’ve just lost a year’s worth of posts.

But I haven’t let cancer, mental illness or weak coffee spoil my day and I’m not going to cry over a few hours of writing time lost in cyberspace.

C’est la cotton-pickin’ vie, my mom would have said.  Let’s just pick up where we left off, shall we?




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